3 Engine Noises That Require a Trip to an Auto Repair Shop in Virginia Beach, VA

As a responsible car owner, paying attention to your vehicle’s various sounds is crucial. While some engine noises may be harmless, others can indicate underlying issues requiring immediate attention. Identifying these noises early can prevent more extensive and expensive repairs. Here are three engine noises that should prompt you to head straight to an auto repair shop in Virginia Beach, VA.

Knocking or Pinging

If you notice a persistent knocking or pinging sound coming from your engine, you must act and take your car to an auto repair shop in Virginia Beach, VA. This noise is often a sign of detonation or pre-ignition, where the air-fuel mixture ignites too early in the engine’s combustion cycle. Ignoring this sound could lead to severe engine damage, such as a piston or connecting rod failure.

Grinding or Screeching

A grinding or screeching noise, especially during engine startup, could indicate a failing starter or a faulty flywheel. Ignoring this sound may leave you stranded at the worst possible moment. Get your vehicle checked at an auto repair shop for diagnosis and prompt repair.

Hissing or Sizzling

A hissing or sizzling sound may indicate a coolant leak, leading to engine overheating and eventual breakdown. The cooling system is essential for maintaining proper engine temperature, and any leaks should be addressed promptly to prevent costly damage.

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