3 Tips for Finding Dealers You Like

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Automotive

When it comes to car dealerships, plenty of horror stories exist out there. It’s no wonder that the average car consumer thinks dealers are an unscrupulous lot who gouge their customers and use a lot of shady tactics to get them to sign on the dotted line. But you’ve heard of the good stories too, about honest car dealers who do their best to make the deal the right one for you and the dealership. It’s the stories that restore your faith in mankind.

So if you’re looking for Subaru Dealers cut from the same cloth, here are a few tips from Bankrate on how you can find them:

1. Start with referrals. One way to get your search off to an excellent start is to ask around. Know someone in your network who drives the same make and model you’ve been interested in for months? Reach out and ask for a name. If that contact doesn’t have a nice experience to tell you, that’s still a good thing. It tells you which dealerships or names to avoid, should you come in for a look-see or test drive.
2.  Word of mouth works too. If you don’t know anyone with the make and model you want, just reach out to your network and ask if they know someone who does. Because they just might have someone in their own network who could help you. Also, remember to send out a thank you note or email to thank that person, regardless if it got you a good lead or not. Don’t underestimate the power of courtesy. The next time you need help, they’ll remember you and your manners (or lack thereof) and you’ll either get plenty of assistance or zero.
3. Get online. These days, given the internet and the bevy of social media channels, a lot of professionals are finding each other on sites like LinkedIn. That or go to a forum thread, find the ride you want and start asking questions. Find none? Start your own thread. The point is, you’ve got tremendous access to information online, whether it’s about the ride you want or finding that dealer who can make your car buying experience great.

These are just three ways you can look for dealers. If you’re looking for Subaru Dealers in NY, ask us. At Grand Prix Subaru, we’d be happy to help you connect to the car dealer of your choice.

Our Subaru Dealers in NY will help you find the ride you want. For car repairs and shopping assistance, call us at Grand Prix Subaru!

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