5 Engine Noises That Require Prompt Car Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Automotive

Your vehicle’s engine has numerous moving parts, and when they start wearing, you might hear different noises. While some of the noises are possibly harmless, the rest can signal serious issues that call for urgent car repair in Virginia Beach, VA. Here are the disturbing engine noises you shouldn’t ignore.

Chirping or Squealing

If you hear a squealing or chirping sound from the engine, it’s due to a worn or loose belt. Often, the issue may originate from a serpentine belt that powers the water pump, steering pump, and alternator. Not fixing the problem can cause loss of power steering and overheating.

Tapping or Knocking

Problematic engine mounts can cause knocking or tapping sounds. The mounts hold your engine together and absorb vibration. Worn-out mounts can cause a clunking sound, especially when you brake or accelerate.


A grinding sound is often a sign of low transmission fluid. Have an auto mechanic check your transmission when you hear this sound to avoid costly repairs.

Popping or backfiring

An issue with your car’s exhaust system can trigger a popping or backfiring noise. This noise may result from a malfunctioning catalytic chamber, a faulty oxygen sensor, or a troubled catalytic converter.

Whooshing or Hissing

Your engine producing a hissing or whooshing noise indicates a cooling system issue, like a faulty water pump, leaky radiator, or a malfunctioning thermostat. This sound often suggests the need for car repair in Virginia Beach, VA.

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