Auto Parts: OEM or Aftermarket?

If you’re looking to make a repair or upgrade your vehicle, you’ve probably already started shopping for auto parts in Dolton. It can be confusing when you realize just how many different manufacturers there are out there. One of the most commonly asked questions is “Should I get OEM parts or aftermarket parts?”

What’s the Difference?

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” What this generally means is that your vehicle’s automaker manufactured these parts or contracted with a supplier to do so. They’re also the parts that the manufacturer of your vehicle considers authorized, genuine, or authentic.

Third-party equipment manufacturers also make auto parts for all types of different vehicles. Mechanics and enthusiasts call these aftermarket parts.

Which Is Better?

When it comes to outright quality and other features, there’s no simple answer. OEM parts are typically very reliable. Aftermarket parts may be of higher or lower quality than OEM parts. Also, some people rely on aftermarket auto parts to customize their vehicles. If the original manufacturer doesn’t make the part that they need, aftermarket is their only choice.

For a straightforward repair, OEM parts are likely the best choice. You can also research different aftermarket manufacturers and read reviews of their parts; you may find a better deal that way.

Be Aware of Warranty Requirements

Many warranties, whether bumper-to-bumper, powertrain, or otherwise, place restrictions on what parts you can install without voiding your coverage. If a part fails, the insurer requests that you send the broken part back. If it’s aftermarket, it may void your coverage for that repair or for future repairs.

Always make sure that you review your warranty terms carefully before installing any aftermarket parts.

When in Doubt, Ask Someone in the Know!

If you’re not sure which parts are better for your vehicle or how they’ll affect any warranties that you may have, ask! The experts at New Cats Auto Parts will be happy to help. Find them online at our website or give them a call.

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