The Best Features of an Auto Body Shop in Newport News, VA

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Automotive

If you have been in an accident, or your car is simply in need of body repairs, you need to seek out a body shop. That’s the most important first step. Some people will choose to go to any random auto shop to have their body work done. You should not do this, as the places where you will receive the best service are shops that specialize in bodywork.

An auto body shop is going to have skills and equipment that a normal shop might not have. They’ll be able to carry out different services with a certain specificity and expertise that others can’t.

Paint Matching

Whether you’re just trying to get your car repainted, or having it repaired after a collision, paint matching is very important. An auto body shop in Newport News, VA needs to match the paint on your car with the new paint they will apply so that you can’t tell the difference. This might sound simple, but it’s actually not. Depending on the make and model of your car and the current state of the paint, it can be somewhat difficult.

A company such as Bruce’s Super Body Shops has to match the specific kind of paint as well as account for weathering. Each vehicle is painted with a proprietary paint that a body shop needs to have access to, following which they then have to adjust the paint to match your specific vehicle.

Dent Pulling

An auto body shop will also be able to pull dents out of your vehicle. There are dent pullers you can buy from a store, but you should have professionals do the work. They’ll be able to restore your vehicle to looking as good as new. Dent pulling is important because it makes your car look better, but also the edges of a dent are susceptible to rust. If you get a dent pulled, your car will be protected from further damage.

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