When Is The Best Time To Purchase A New Car?

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Auto Dealers, Automotive

With ever-increasing costs of maintenance, at some point, you will realize that the time has come to buy a new car. If your current car still has some life left in it, and you can more or less pick and choose when to replace it, there are times when Mazda dealers in Minooka are more apt to make a deal in your favor.

The end of the year:

With the year-end closing rapidly approaching, car dealers try to consummate as many sales as possible to boost revenue and unit sales. It is a difficult time for car dealers, as the majority of potential customers have just finished buying gifts, and their time is dedicated to family and friends while their place of employment is closed for the holidays. If you can wait until this time, you can expect to make a good deal.

The end of the summer:

The end of the summer ushers in the introduction of new models. It certainly is not in the best interest of the dealer or the manufacturer to find themselves with a large inventory of last model year’s cars. This is the time when manufacturers offer good rebates and incentives that are designed to clear space for new models. This is a great time to visit Mazda dealers in Minooka.

The end of the month:

Vehicle manufacturers offer their dealers bonuses and other incentives based on sales volume. As the month approaches the close, you can negotiate very good deals.

The best time for you to buy a car is when no one else is. If you can visit Mazda dealers in Minooka when the weather is bad, chances are good you can negotiate a great deal. You should also keep your eyes open for dealer rebates and low-interest rate loans.

You can expect Mazda dealers in Minooka to offer great deals on new and used cars and offer top dollar for your trade-in.

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