How Do Big Truck Radiators in Michigan Cool Your Engine?

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Automotive

Different types of vehicles have been growing in popularity, but most trucks are still internal combustion vehicles. That means they can get very hot very fast. There are millions of controlled explosions in your engine when you’re driving that will raise the temperature of the engine; if not regulated, that temperature increase can actually damage the engine and decrease the quality of performance. In order to reduce the effects of the heat, your engine is equipped with some kind of cooling system. It either has a radiator, an oil cooler, or both. Big truck radiators are specially-designed to keep the engines of large trucks cool.

The Radiators

Big truck radiators in Michigan work by circulating a heat-resistant coolant, which is a liquid that does not break down or evaporate in high heat. The liquid is circulated around the engine, where it absorbs heat from the running engine. It is then transferred to the radiator where it comes into contact with passing air that cools the liquid. The liquid then circulates again.

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Oil Coolers

In addition to big truck radiators, you can choose oil coolers. These work on the same principles as radiators, but they use engine oil instead. The oil circulates through the engine as it normally would; however, it also circulates into a radiator where it is cooled. This is useful for two reasons. It helps to cool the engine, and it also cools down the oil. If the oil becomes too hot, it can begin to break down. It can also become too thin to lubricate properly. Cooling it down helps keep it at its optimal level of performance.

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