Brake Repair Services in Brick, NJ Save Lives

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Auto Repair

Do you notice problems with your brakes? Do you use too much pressure when they are in use? If so, you need to have them checked right away. Don’t wait on this type of repair, as it could cost you your life or the life of another pedestrian or driver.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

When you rely on brake repair services in Brick, NJ, you should also include regular preventative maintenance. That way, you can keep your brakes from squeaking and make sure they perform as they should. For instance, as part of recommended maintenance, you should inspect the pads at least once a year. Also, you should replace the pads if they only have about 1/8 inch of lining. If the pads are too thin, they can trigger rotor damage or other braking system defects.

When to Replace the Brakes

When it comes to brake repair services and replacement, you should replace your brakes in their entirety about every 25,000 miles. Don’t delay this type of replacement, as doing so can be hazardous. In addition, it is important to check the brake fluid during brake inspection. This should be done every two years, or after about 30,000 miles.

Save Money on Brake Services

Not only do regular brake repair services impact your safety, they also reduce the amount you pay for more severe repairs. Therefore, you have two good reasons to keep on top of your brake repair and maintenance. Why should you wait to have your brakes fixed when you can have the job done at a much lower cost?

Who to Contact

That is why you should never procrastinate when having this type of service performed. Contact a company, such as DeFelice of Point Pleasant Auto Center, today for an appointment. Make it a priority. That way, you will feel better about driving your car, as well as transporting your family.

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