Car Dealer in Albuquerque, NM Encourages Motorists to Buy in November

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Autos

If it took you too long to decide to buy a new car this year, here’s some good news: November is an excellent time to purchase one. Apart from the usual holiday and year-end sales, there are other reasons for this. Ask a trusted car dealer in Albuquerque, NM, and they’ll give you these five compelling reasons.

Model-Year Sell-Offs

The year starts in October for car dealerships since this is the time car manufacturers release new models. Dealerships know many buyers can’t wait to get their hands on new wheels and don’t want to miss their chance. But they can’t just pull out the outgoing models that weren’t sold to give room for new ones. So instead, they offer huge discounts and incentives on the outgoing models to speed up the sale. So if you’re not eyeing a new model, you’re in for a treat.

Dealerships Are in a Rush to Hit Their Quota

Every year, dealerships set monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals based on their target profit. Unfortunately, the last five years have not been terrific for new car sales. While there are upticks on the charts, the decline isn’t going to end anytime soon. This could mean low confidence in selling at a high markup price. On top of that, dealerships further lower the costs and give lots of discounts and incentives to attract buyers better.

Special Black Friday Offers

Car dealerships are among the most active participants in the Black Friday sale craze. They give more rebates and incentives on this day than at any other time of the year. Some even take up to $5000 off their cars’ MSRP. Others offer zero percent financing for as long as 72 months. This opportunity doesn’t always happen so you might as well grab it. But don’t expect to have plenty of choices. Most vehicles they offer with these perks are usually the most challenging models to sell.

Neither October Nor December

Car prices gradually decline, and incentives increase as the year ends. Therefore, you can expect the lowest price a dealership in Albuquerque, NM can tolerate towards the end of December. But do you want to wait that long? Likely, the price difference isn’t worth the wait. Plus, all the good models will have been purchased in November. So, if you are interested in a particular make and model, and you know only a few units are left, it’s best to buy it now instead of saving a few hundred bucks on a vehicle you don’t like.

More Advice

Don’t buy on the first week of the month. Dealerships have just achieved their last month’s sales goal. They usually aren’t willing to negotiate. Instead, always buy on the last week of the month, preferably on a Monday, when car lots are quieter, so you can get all the attention and care you need. Suppose you missed your chance to buy a car this year; try again in May next year when the summer buying season officially starts.

Buying a car can sometimes become a race against time. You’re not the only one eyeing that red or black SUV a car dealer in Albuquerque showed you last time. That’s why you need to plan ahead. Pick a make and model you can buy within a short time-frame to deal with competition. Then, consider financing to secure the deal. Consult a Fiesta Volkswagen dealer in Albuquerque, NM for more advice.

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