Certified Vs. Non-Certified Used Cars

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Automotive

There are three different options when it comes to purchasing a car; you can buy a brand new vehicle, a certified pre-owned car or non-certified used cars in Alsip. There is no doubt as to what a new car is but many people are not quite sure what the differences are between a certified and a non-certified car and what the pros and cons are of each. To ensure that you get what it is you want you need to understand the differences between the two.

Certified pre-owned car:

Although a certified pre-owned car has actually been used, it has been subjected to a battery of tests specified by the vehicle manufacturer, in this way the car will meet the original specs when it is put on the lot. CPO cars are warranted and approved by the manufacturer.

It is the limited warranty and manufacturers stamp of approval that makes these cars as popular as they are. The buyer not only gets a vehicle that is in excellent condition, he or she also gets the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that it has been gone over in detail by a mechanic certified by the manufacturer.

The majority of certified pre-owned used cars in Alsip are those coming in from lease, they are low mileage vehicles that are only a couple of years old.

Non-certified used cars:

A non-certified car is simply a used car in the true of the word. Many consumers opt for a non-certified used car because of the price; they are considerably less expensive than a certified vehicle. It is not that there is going to be anything inherently wrong with used cars in Alsip, if you pay particular attention to the condition both inside and out and have it checked over by your local mechanic you will save money and get a reliable vehicle that will give you years of service.

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