Common Issues that Require Exhaust Repair Service in Indianapolis, IN

When it comes to auto repair, most people don’t give a great deal of thought to the exhaust system. However, in a city like Indianapolis, these sorts of problems can crop up from time to time. The exhaust system of the vehicle is meant to take a great deal of abuse, seeing as how it is located on the undercarriage of a vehicle. Water, dirt, debris and other things can wreak havoc on it. However, things, such as salt brining that is used on the roads during wintertime in Indianapolis can accelerate potential exhaust issues on a vehicle. In these situations, the vehicle may require an Exhaust Repair Service in Indianapolis IN.

Often times, much of the damage is caused by corrosion. In these situations, simply replacing the muffler, exhaust pipe and sometimes even the catalytic converter is the best way to solve any corrosion issues and ensure that the vehicle’s exhaust system is working properly.

However, there are internal workings of the exhaust system that go beyond simple corrosion issues. For example, oxygen sensors and vacuum lines found in the engine compartment are crucial to the entire exhaust system. This allows the exhaust to flow properly from the engine to the tailpipe. Any issues with exhaust or oxygen sensors, or any types of vacuum lines within the engine compartment can cause a vehicle to run poorly and can also cause it to fail its annual inspection.

Modern-day vehicles will display computer codes and these numbered codes correspond to issue the vehicle control computer has detected. However, sometimes these codes are rather vague and further testing, such as a smoke test, is the only ways to determine if there is a leak in one of the exhaust lines, or if there is a problem with a vacuum line or sensor.

Having a problem with the vehicle’s exhaust system not only can mean noxious fumes getting into the vehicle itself, but it can greatly affect the efficiency of the vehicle. Cars with poor exhaust systems tend to use more gas and, in some cases, this exhaust can back up into the motor. Over time, this can cause significant motor damage. To avoid all of this, a person may want to consider an exhaust repair service in Indianapolis IN. Whether it’s a simple problem, or something more significant, it may be best to Contact Pete’s Service Center to have your vehicle checked over.

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