Dealer service department has it all over the corner garage?

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Autos

Although it is a pain, if you want your car to run as smooth as the day you first bought it you must have it maintained properly. This is a given but where you have the service done is not. As the car owner you have choices, you can use Kia auto service in NJ or you can risk taking it to Pete’s Garage down at the corner.

So; where should you take your car? Let’s look at the reasons why taking to experts is usually the best option.

The technical staff:

Modern cars are highly sophisticated and it takes a skilled automotive specialist to do the work right. The technicians who work for Kia auto service in NJ are all factory trained and focus exclusively on working on your model of vehicle. It is not only the technicians that undergo ongoing training, other people involved in service, including the service manager and service advisors are also constantly kept abreast with any and all new programs.

These factory trained service people are one of the biggest assets of any dealership.

Guarantee on work done:

There is absolutely no contest here, when it comes to warranties the dealer has the advantage. If your vehicle is still under the generous Kia warranty then all repairs covered will cost you nothing. The dealer gets paid by the manufacturer, not the vehicle owner. Of course, with Kia vehicles reputation for long life eventually the warranty will cease but even when this happens the repairs done by the dealer will back them up. If the repair doesn’t work, the dealer that did the work or any Kia dealer for that matter will fix it again at no additional cost.

It is not only in-depth knowledge and a guarantee, when you use Kia auto service in NJ you can be assured that any parts that are needed will be original equipment, not aftermarket parts that may or may not fit exactly.

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