Don’t Let Hail Damage Go When it Comes to Your Denver, CO Vehicle

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Automotive

Hail can be small and hardly cause any more bother than a snowstorm, but when the size of the hail is significant, it can be dangerous and damage your car. It’s best to keep your vehicle in a garage or under a carport when it hails, but this isn’t always an option. If your car has been through a hail storm, be sure to look for damages and find a reliable company that offers hail dent removal in Denver, CO.

Broken Windows

Hail is notorious for damaging windows. It can break, chip, or crack windshields and side windows quite easily. Those windows will need to be replaced for safety reasons as soon as possible.


Hail often causes dents to the body of a car. They may be so small that you hardly notice them, but if the paint is chipped at all, you need to get that repaired. You’ll need the car hail damage repair in Dallas, TX before this turns into a large rust problem.


Your side-view mirrors are another important safety feature. Hail can crack them just like a window, but it can also dislodge the mirror. This makes them hard to use.

Water Damage

If the body of the car is compromised and lets the water in, you could be looking at serious mold issues. Be sure to schedule car hail damage repair in Dallas, TX to avoid this.

When you need hail dent removal in Denver, CO, visit Hail Medic today.

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