Emission Repair Service is Far More Effective Than These Myths

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Auto Repair

In the state of Arizona, drivers are legally required to have their cars emissions tested every one to two years depending on the vehicle’s age. While these checks are an inconvenience and an expense, they are mandatory, and those who don’t complete them cannot register their vehicles for another year. Many people try to get around these requirements, but most of the tricks used are pure myth. Below are some of the most commonly held misconceptions about emissions testing.

Warming up at High RPMs Can Help a Car Pass the Test

This one actually has some basis in fact. While warming up a car does get the engine and catalytic converter to work at peak condition, a pre-test warm-up does little to help the car pass. In most cases, the car sits for a few minutes before the test begins, and the catalytic converter cools sufficiently to negate the effects of the warm-up. This strategy only wastes fuel and time, and it does nothing to increase the chances of a successful inspection.

Octane Boosters and Fuel Cleaners can Help a Car Pass

Here’s another one that is partially true, at least in theory. Fuel cleaners do clean the inside of the engine, but it’s a bad idea to use them before taking the vehicle in for a smog test. Octane boosters are another common suggestion because they enrich the fuel. However, the additives exit the tailpipe-;just like everything else-;and they may cause the car to fail the test.

Get a Tune-Up Before the Test

This one is true more often than not. If a car is misfiring or not running properly, it’s likely to fail the test. Severe misfires can cause the Service Engine Soon light on, which means a failure on the functional part of the inspection. A tune-up or Emission Repair Service from Dave’s Car Care can be beneficial in multiple ways. It can increase the chances of a successful emissions test, and it can help the vehicle run smoother while improving fuel economy. Visit the company’s Facebook page to find out more.

Above are a few ways to ensure that a vehicle passes its smog inspection. Drivers should ensure that they follow the automaker’s recommended service intervals. Proper Emission Repair Service can help the owner ensure that they keep the vehicle’s smog history intact, as it remains with the car forever.

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