Find Quality 1962 Thunderbird Parts

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Auto Network Blog

In 1960, Ford released the third generation Ford 1961 Thunderbird. This classic luxury car was unlike the second generation, featuring a flat front end with a much sleeker look. Ford did not intend for it to be considered a sports car, but the designer, Bill Boyer, made it look fast. In 1962, Ford rolled out the Thunderbird Sports Roadster. The limited production of the 1962 Ford Thunderbird spiked sales and increased the value of the car today.

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The Thunderbird Sports Roadster convertible is now worth approximately $40,000. This net value is only if the vehicle is in perfect condition. If you have a project of rebuilding one of these luxury cars, it may feel like a daunting task finding 1962 Thunderbird parts. With limited production, limited parts are available on the market. The increased demand and little supply of 1962 Thunderbird parts have spiked the costs.

Quality Over Cost

You should never settle for inexpensive parts. Quality is more important than cost, especially with luxury vehicles. The value of your car will decrease if you seek out inexpensive 1962 Thunderbird parts. Inexpensive parts do not produce the same feel as quality parts. In the long run, you will have to replace inexpensive parts more frequently, causing them to be a higher expense than quality parts. Your luxury car will also not look like a luxury vehicle if it has inexpensive parts. Restoring one of these vehicles takes a lot of time and love. You will diminish the value of this treasure with inexpensive, low-quality parts.

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