Fix That Car or Truck With Expert Auto Repair in East Lansing MI

by | May 25, 2017 | Automotive

The automobile is one of the most important advances that man has ever created. With multiple valve intake systems, computer controlled ignition and variable speed automatic transmissions, it is also one of the most complicated. In fact, there are so many changes from earlier automotive designs that it is extremely difficult for the shade tree mechanic to make most repairs. Luckily, reliable Auto Repair in East Lansing MI is available, and the first step is diagnosing the vehicle. This is possible because all newer vehicles come with a diagnostic port that allows a computer to read the status of various systems and determine what is wrong. Some vehicle diagnostics are so accurate that they can pinpoint which spark plug is not firing properly.

Auto repair covers a huge array of services from the ignition system to the brakes. For example, an engine that has lost power might need a thorough tuneup. This will include replacing the plugs, wires, distributor cap and air filter. Tuning an engine used to require adjusting its timing, but this is not always the case with computer controlled ignitions. Other items around the engine that may need Auto Repair in East Lansing MI include the alternator, engine belts, and coolant hoses. A reliable charging system in necessary to keep the battery functional, but the alternator also functions as a power source for when the vehicle is running. This is necessary because of the higher electrical requirements of modern vehicles. Click here to know more.

One of the most important components in any automobile is its braking system. There are two types of brakes depending on how the car or truck was designed. Drum brakes were the original choice and may still be used on certain newer vehicles. Disc brakes are a set of pads that squeeze against the wheel rotor. This provides a better braking solution, especially on the front of the vehicle where most of the braking force is required. Once the discs wear down, they will need to be replaced. Plus, the rotor will need to be checked for signs of wear. Excessive wear or deep grooves on the braking surface can affect the way the vehicle stops and means the rotor may need to be replaced. Learn more about vehicle repair from experts like Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service.

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