Ford F-150 Towing Capabilities and Tips

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Auto Repair

Using a strong truck like a Ford F-150 to tow your items can be fun. Considered a lighter pickup truck, the strength is just a great as a full ton truck. Below are some highlighted towing capabilities you have when drive an F-150.

Towing Power

If you purchase the maximum towing package from your Ford dealership, the maximum towing capacity is between 7,300 and 7,600 pounds for a standard V6 engine and goes up from there. If you have the most powerful engine provided, you can tow around 12,000 pounds easily. You can tow small boats, trailers and various smaller items with no problem.

A dealership that has a Ford F-150 in Wheeling can provide you with the appropriate towing package for your truck.

Towing Safety

When you tow items, ensure they are properly secured and will not pose a hazard once moving. Loading the trailer properly is important. The trailer must be balanced and have a low center of gravity in order to handle the drive and road.

Secure your load with the necessary ties and strappings to prevent shifting while turning, braking or driving through rough train. If a trailer is improperly loaded, you can lose control of the car while driving or cause the items to fall off the trailer bed.


When you are towing, you will need to apply your brakes a lot sooner than during a normal drive. Sudden stops can cause your trailer to sway back and forth. If this does happen, slowly press on the brakes until you regain control of the truck and the trailer.


Depending on the weight of what you are towing, your acceleration capability can decrease. Make sure you take into account the extra time needed to get to the proper road speed. When you pass a car, allow distance for the trailer to clear safely. You must signal when making the lane change and use your mirrors for additional safety.

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