Getting Ready for Winter With an Auto Part Store in Mystic

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Auto Parts Store

A vehicle owner who has never lived in a cold climate before must learn how to drive in snow and take proper care of the car or truck during winter. It’s important to check certain parts of the vehicle before the worst of the weather sets in and resolve any issues. An Auto Part Store in Mystic will have many of the parts and tools necessary to keep winter driving safe and the vehicle in good working order.

Windshield Clearing and Cleaning

If the windshield wiper blades have seen better days, replacing them before winter is essential. Snow that falls on the windshield while driving may turn to ice if some areas of the blades can’t clear it away.

In addition, having windshield cleaning fluid that includes an antifreeze solution is required when temperatures drop below freezing. People who never have to drive in these temperatures don’t ever think about this aspect, but the cleaning fluid will simply freeze in place without a certain amount of alcohol added.

Anti-Lock Brakes

An Auto Part Store in Mystic has brake parts for fixing anti-lock systems that no longer function properly. A primary advantage of the anti-lock system is to prevent brakes from locking up when the driver slams the pedal down hard. That can be an instinctive but hazardous move when the car skids on a slippery road and the anti-lock system doesn’t work.

Cooling System

In warm climates, drivers tend to think of fluid in the radiator as coolant. In cold climates, however, drivers tend to think of the solution as antifreeze. The solution has the dual function of cooling the engine and preventing the fluid from freezing when temperatures plummet.

It’s critical to get the fluid checked before winter to make sure it can withstand freezing temperatures. Many garages will do this as a courtesy service, or you can buy a device to check it yourself. If the solution won’t prevent freezing at low temperatures, the radiator is at risk of cracking. Drain the system and dispose of the used fluid properly. Refill the radiator with a coolant solution you can buy at a store such as Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts.

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