Getting Vehicle Repair in Omaha, NE

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Vehicle Repair

When someone discovers their brakes are not working as they should, they will want to get Vehicle Repair in Omaha NE immediately. There are several steps the driver can take to try to get their vehicle to stop if they find themselves in a situation where the brakes are not working while trying to get to a garage for help. Here are some tips a motorist can use when they have a non-braking condition in their vehicle.

Use The Emergency Brake

All vehicles are equipped with a back-up braking system. The emergency brake can be engaged to help in stopping the vehicle if the pedal brake is not working properly. The driver can simply pull on the emergency brake lever to get the vehicle to come to a complete stop. It is important to pull the lever slowly, so the vehicle does not skid during the process of stopping.

Try Downshifting The Vehicle

A vehicle can be shifted into a lower gear to try to get it to come to a stop. When doing this, the driver should try to steer their vehicle toward the shoulder of the road, so they are not at risk of a collision with a vehicle driving behind them. Doing this on an incline is also helpful in stopping the vehicle a bit quicker. When the vehicle is going slow, it can be put into neutral to get it to stop going forward. It can then be parked, and a repair shop can be called to arrange for a tow.

Pump The Brakes To Stop

Using a pumping action on the brake pedal will often help engage the brakes. If there is air in the brake lines, this action will help dislodge it so fluid can reach the brakes of the vehicle. An automatic braking system will require the driver to push down on the brake pedal so the computer can take over with the pumping action.

When a motorist needs Vehicle Repair in Omaha NE, they will want to find a service known for their professionalism and great pricing. Contact Dingman’s today to find out more!

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