Guide to Choosing an Auto Body Shop in Warrensburg

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Automotive

When Missouri drivers need repairs made to the vehicles they choose an Auto Body Shop in Warrensburg to perform the work. But how do they have peace of mind that the body shop is trustworthy and dependable? Follow these suggestions to find an experienced shop that will perform quality work.

Ask Around

After an accident, individuals want to get their car restored to normal as quickly as possible. Find a quality auto body shop by asking neighbours, co-workers, or friends about the shops they used for repair work in the past. Were they satisfied with the services? Auto insurance companies may have recommended shops they work with as well. Do not assume that the biggest and best-known local body shop is the best value. Come up with a list of several recommended body shops and contact the Better Business Bureau to make sure no claims have been filed against the shops.

Obtain Several Estimates

Most body shops will provide free estimates for repair work. Be sure to ask for a written estimate that will detail out the total cost, as well as what amount is expected out-of-pocket and how much an insurance company will pay directly. Will the body shop handle the insurance paperwork for you? Look at the hourly rates associated with the shops. Locations in wealthier areas often charge higher hourly labour rates. Vehicle owners can sometimes save extra money by driving to a nearby location. Additionally, when comparing estimates, do not assume that the lowest price estimate will be the best value. It’s possible that a body shop is bidding low to get the work and will cut corners which will end up costing the car owner more in the long run.

Available Warranties

Find out if the body shops offer any warranties on their work, what they cover, and how long the warranties last. Look for a shop that offers at least a one-year warranty. Also, pay attention to the warranty stipulations. A longer-life warranty is great, but make sure that the outlined policies and procedures are followed.

Choosing a Shop

Choosing a body shop is a personal decision. Often, a vehicle owner will have a feeling about what place makes them feel most comfortable. Browse our website for more information about choosing an Auto Body Shop in Warrensburg.

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