How does an electric solenoid work?

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Automotive

An electric solenoid is a name given to a coil of wire that is made use of as an electromagnet or any other device that can use a solenoid to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The device creates a magnetic field out of the electrical current, and that field is then used in the creation of linear motion. There are many shared applications that solenoids are used for, such as powering a switch or a valve.

How it works

An electric solenoid is a corkscrew-shaped wire coil, often made out of iron, wrapped around a piston. When an electrical current goes through the wire, it creates a magnetic field.

Unlike permanent magnets, electromagnets can be turned on or off by applying or removing electrical current, making them very useful as valves and switches. It also means that they can be completely automated.

As is the case with all magnets, an activated solenoid’s magnetic field has both negative and positive poles capable of attracting or repelling certain materials. With a solenoid, the electromagnetic field results in a piston moving either forwards or backward.

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