How Much Does Brake Repair Service in New Haven Cost?

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Automotive

You may feel a vibration when you hit the brakes on your car, hear a squealing noise, or feel like the brakes have grown weaker. These are all signs your car’s brakes aren’t functioning properly. In this case, getting your brakes repaired is important. The total cost of a brake repair service in New Haven depends on what needs replacement.

What Part of the Brake System Needs Repairs?

A car’s brake system is complex and has several components that need inspection and maintenance. All of these work together to stop the vehicle when you hit the brake pedal. There are some differences between various vehicle models, but the core of the system contains the same parts.

• Brake lines that transfer brake fluid into the hydraulic system
• Brake pads, which are made of friction material and create a force to stop the car
• Rotors, which are attached to the wheels and convert and dissipate energy
• Calipers for squeezing the brake pads and rotors together

Over time, brake lines may grow weak and brake pads may lose friction. Worn-out brake pads can cause random steering issues and pull. Rotors make a grinding sound when the brake pads are worn out. Calipers may leak fluid that, causing brakes to fade. A brake repair service in New Haven such as Dave McDermott Chevrolet can diagnose and fix these issues.

How Much Does Brake Repair Cost?

• Brake pads are the most common replacement part. They can cost between $50 to $160 for all four wheels.
• It’s recommended that you have your rotors replaced along with the brake pads. A rotor costs between $35 to $75, and brake rotors will need replacing every 70,000 miles.
• Calipers don’t get damaged easily, but they’re costly to replace. A single caliper may cost around $140.

These estimates don’t include labor, which can go from $100 per axle for simple brake pad replacement to $200 or more for multiple services. Though this may sound costly, getting your brakes checked and repaired is essential for any responsible car owner.

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