How Much Does it Cost to Fix My Car?

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Autos

So, something happened to your car, and you want to know if it will break the bank. Whether you were in an accident, caught in some bad weather, or just received a scratch in your new paint job, the thought of having to face an auto body shop to assess the damage can be pretty daunting.

It’s no secret that auto repair and maintenance will cost a pretty penny. But, depending on where you go for repairs, you can either get an outstanding deal or be cheated out of more money than it’s worth. To know what you should be spending, here is a list of the average costs of car repairs.

Dents: $50-$2,000

Before getting confused over this wide range, remember that dings and dents vary based on size and damage. For example, a small ding from that car parked way too close to you will fall around the $50-$125.

The larger dents are where it gets tricky. Depending on dent location and paint needs, the price can go up significantly. For example, Collision Centers charge around $300-$700 to fix plastic bumpers, but other car parts can cost more.

Oil Change: $35-$75

Now that’s more like it! Oil changes are helpful for your car or truck, and the bill won’t give you a heart attack either. You can easily learn to do oil changes at home if you desire to have an even more minor expense.

Wiper Blade Replacement: $30-$89

Speaking of repairs you can learn to do yourself; wiper blade replacement does not have to be performed by a professional. However, if you don’t have the time or energy, heading to an auto body shop won’t require you to dip into your life savings. If DIY wiper blade replacement can be fit into your agenda, know that wiper blades cost $30 with no labor fee needed.

Brake Repair: $260-$500

Yikes, the price is back up again. Unfortunately, brake repair is not something you can do at home, and brake repair happens to be one of the priciest repairs. A repair shop will give you an estimate depending on what part of the brake needs to be replaced and what sort of vehicle you drive. Heavier vehicles will require stronger brakes, meaning more money.

Scheduled Maintenance: $50-$300

Another wide range here! Scheduled maintenance varies depending on how many miles your car has. As the miles go up, so does the price.

Tire Replacement: $50-$300 each

The price depends on the quality of the tire. You could go for some lower grade $50 tires if you are in a pinch, but generally, you can get good tires for $100. The higher-end tires are for off-roading and high-performance vehicles. So if you aren’t racing or off-roading, you don’t have to worry about an individual tire costing $300.

New Timing Belt: $400-$900

A timing belt should be replaced after every 60,000-100,000 miles. The timing belt by itself should cost about $50, but auto repair labor costs bump that price up to triple digits. The larger your vehicle, the larger the cost to place.

Battery Replacement: $300

Not all battery replacements will cost $300 but should be around that number. Batteries typically have a three-year life span, so make sure you set money aside for this replacement.

For a car owner, a good rule of thumb is to put money aside every month for possible car repairs. You never know when something will go wrong with your car, so it is best to be prepared for any collision repair or replacement you may need. Some insurance companies will help cover car expenses but won’t fully cover the cost.

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