How to Be Sure Your Auto Body Repair Was Done Right

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Auto Repair

One of the best ways to ensure you get your car fixed after an accident is by choosing a trustworthy and reliable source of auto body repair in Glendale, AZ. However, even when the best workers have done repairs to your car, inspecting the work before you drive home is an excellent idea. In order to be certain the work was done well, we have a few tips to help you with that process.

Understand What Repairs Were Done

The start of having your vehicle repaired begins as soon as you drop it off to the auto body shop. You should always get insight into what the shop is going to be repairing and how it will be done. Get this information in writing in case any problems crop up down the line. You should also ask about a warranty for the work and when coming back to pick up your car, make sure to review the paperwork to be sure everything was done properly and as expected.

Check Whether the Vehicle Is Clean

When you stop in to get your car, you can expect it to be clean, washed, and vacuumed. You shouldn’t expect dust in the car or old parts in the back seat or trunk. Any professional source of auto body repair in Glendale, AZ will understand that appearances matter and go to extremes to ensure you get back a pristine car. This is a sign that the shop cares enough to impress you and may well mean the work was done properly.

Do an In-Depth Inspection

If everything looks great so far, take a look at the areas where repairs were done. If you see uneven gaps, that is a sign that the panels weren’t aligned correctly. Open and close the doors to check on the alignment there as well. If you worry something is amiss, it may be best to get a second opinion to be sure. Other auto body shops can easily tell if work was done properly or shoddily.

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