How to Get Your Car Ready for the Next Shorewood Winter Season

The fall and winter months can mean a decrease in sunlight and an increase in precipitation. Ideally, you will bring your vehicle to a dealer service station or another reliable mechanic before the weather starts to get colder and wetter. What are some steps that you should take to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the fall and winter?

Have the Brakes Inspected

You will generally need more time to stop on wet, snowy or icy roads. If your brakes are old or defective for any reason, you may be at a higher risk of getting into a car accident. In some cases, brake repair for pre-owned cars in Shorewood, IL, will be covered by the vehicle’s warranty. Repairs could also be made free of charge if your vehicle is part of a recall.

The Battery Should Be Tested

During the winter months, your car’s headlights will likely be on when you leave for work in the morning and return home at night. Furthermore, batteries generally have to work harder when the temperatures drop closer to the freezing mark. Therefore, it may be difficult to start your car or see where you are going if the battery is old or weak.

Check the Tires for Damage

A car’s tires can also play a role in how much control you have on the road. Ideally, they will be inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications, and they should also have sufficient tread depth to ensure that the tire can make contact with the road. Typically, the tires on pre-owned cars in Shorewood, IL, are inspected prior to being sold by a dealer. Your owner’s manual will likely have more information about how to maintain a tire.

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