Increasing Owner Satisfaction by Converting a Dodge Ram 2500 in North Dakota to a Long-Bed Model

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Auto Repair

The owner of a Dodge Ram 2500 in North Dakota may absolutely love this powerful truck but eventually get frustrated with the short bed. He might be planning an extensive do-it-yourself remodeling project at the house and be thinking about how much more convenient a long bed would be. A company such as Precision Bodyline specializes in converting mega cab short-bed trucks to long-bed conversions. That increases owner satisfaction with the vehicle, as now this person feels he has the best of both worlds. He’s got the extended cab with the folding back seat as well as a more functional truck bed.

Stretching out the bed of the Dodge Ram 2500 in North Dakota now allows the owner to haul everything needed for the remodeling project without the extra work to secure it to leave the tailgate down. He can easily haul paneling, flooring, siding, lumber and rolls of carpeting, which are normally some of the biggest problems in regard to short-bed trucks. Even if some items still must overhang the end of the bed, the bulk of everything will be situated inside the truck proper. That adds a level of assurance while traveling that everything will stay put.

While having the conversion completed for the Dodge Ram 2500 in North Dakota, the owner can have the technicians do other projects as well if so desired. Maybe new running boards are in order, for example, or perhaps it’s time to get a trailer hitch installed. It’s like taking a truck that is already a superb model and turning it into something individualized and perfect. That’s the beauty of customization. This level of customization is virtually impossible for a manufacturer, who cannot issue large numbers of vehicles with every combination of options in an effort to completely please every customer.

The vehicle owner must keep in mind that adding this feature makes the truck substantially larger. It may take a little time before realizing that the truck no longer fits into certain spaces and that it will handle a bit differently on the road. With a little practice, the owner quickly will master the changes in driving habits necessary to be comfortable with the bigger vehicle.

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