Indications to Call a Transmission Repair Service in Gilbert, AZ

A car’s transmission is its lifeline to mobility. Without the transmission, the car will not have the ability to move. This can quickly turn a vehicle into a piece of junk rather than continue as a family vehicle. These are the following indications that the transmission is on the verge of failing.

Grinding noises as gears start to shift are an indication that a transmission repair service in Gilbert AZ is needed. Grinding noises are a result of metal rubbing against other metal. This will eventually wear down the teeth on the gears. When the teeth are too worn down, they will not engage into the proper gear, preventing the transmission from properly engaging. Without the proper engagement of the gears, the system will not be able to connect and provide the mechanical connection needed to make the car move.

A maxed out shifting mechanism is another indication to acquire repairs. If the clutch pedal needs to be pushed all the way down before engagement, adjustments need to be made. This problem with too much play in the transmission can also be seen in automatic cars that have a touchy gear shift. If not fixed, the clutch may fail and prevent shifting. In an automatic transmission, the gear shift will lose all points of engagement. This will prevent the car from any type of movement.

Leaking transmission fluid is also a cause for concern. Regardless of if the car is an automatic or has a manual shift, the transmission needs fluid to overcome friction and keep it cool. Once the transmission starts losing fluid, the metal parts can start heating up significantly. This can cause the metal to fuse and eventually become inoperable. If there is any question about fluid leaks, best transmission repair service in Gilbert AZ can check to see if it is originating from the transmission.

Transmissions are designed to provide the mechanical connection to the forward propulsion of the material. Whether the car is manual or automatic, problems with the transmission can occur. Contact Gilbert Car Care if there are grinding noises, a touchy shifting mechanism or a leak occurring in the transmission.

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