Is Hail Damage Covered By Car Insurance?

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Auto Repair

No matter where you live, the weather is not as predictable as we might believe. For instance, someone in the Northeastern area of the country can encounter tornadoes, hurricanes, and weather that can lead to any number of issues and problems. Hail, sadly, is not unusual in all parts of the world, and it leads to many people wondering if hail damage repair is part of their insurance coverage.

That’s a good question since it can quite literally destroy a vehicle. Let’s take a few moments to find an answer.

A Look at Hail Damage Repair and Coverage

The costs for hail damage repair are as unpredictable as the weather that generates hail itself. It could be a few major dings or the entire vehicle. Most insurers understand that this is a distinct possibility and offer some options for coverage:

  • Liability only – If you went with minimal insurance coverage, then you are not covered for damages from hail
  • Comprehensive coverage – If you have this sort of insurance, it is quite likely that you have hail damage repair fully covered too, but with a caveat: It has to be in place before the storm that caused the damage. In fact, some providers now block new coverage or add-on coverage in the days before major storms are being predicted to occur. For instance, if you live in an area where a hurricane is predicted, you may be unable to get hail coverage in the days ahead of the storm’s arrival.

Don’t overlook the fact that your policy probably has a deductible in place, too. That means that you might have some out of pocket expense if hail damage strikes, but it varies based on the option you selected. And if you think that the hail damage has left your car in a condition that is totaled? Is that possible? Again – yes. Some hail is the size of softballs or golf balls. It can take out the windows and windshield, pummel the body, so it looks as if it had a collision and leads to such costly repairs that your insurance provider elects to total it rather than pay.

If you have hail damage to a vehicle in the Denver area, and your insurance covers it, you’ll want to work with a body shop that offers specialized services for just such issues. BJs Auto Theft & Collision is the ideal choice, with lifetime warranties and highly trained techs, your vehicle can be good as new right away.

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