Keep Driving Fun and Comfortable With Excellent Auto Cooling Service in Wheeling IL

Staying cool and comfortable is always a tough task and one reason for this is the busy life that most people lead. This may be why the automotive AC is so important. However, a functional air conditioning system requires superior maintenance, which is only possible with an experienced Auto Cooling Service in Wheeling IL. Of course, it is possible to purchase simple refrigerant charging systems for most automotive air conditioners, but improperly charging the AC could cause more problems.

One of the most important tasks in AC maintenance is inspection and this is common with most vehicle maintenance procedures. Inspecting the AC includes checking the belt that operates the condenser, any hoses that channel the refrigerant and the coils that allow the system to move heat. Despite common misconceptions, the AC doesn’t create cold air. In fact, it only cools the metal of the evaporator coil by collecting heat through it.

The coolness occurs because the temperature of the refrigerant is lower than that of the surrounding air and this chill gets spread around when a fan forces air through the coil for distribution. The main function of the AC is to collect heat and carry it away from the treated space. This task can be difficult in an automobile because there is much less insulation than can be found in the home, which means that heat returns very quickly.

People tend to turn on the AC and forget about it and this could be one reason the system fails. Automotive air conditioners are very reliable, but running the system from the moment that the engine cranks up can be hard of the compressor. A better habit is to turn the AC off before shutting down the vehicle and then turning it on once the engine is operating smoothly. This reduces the chance of damage to the compressor system and the need for emergency Auto Cooling Service in Wheeling IL.

The second most common area for failure is the condensing coil. This is the coil that is often found close to the radiator. Its function is to allow the release of any collected heat so the refrigerant can be compressed again. Damage to this coil can allow refrigerant to leak and this could ruin the condenser. Visit the experts at  to discover more about automotive AC maintenance and repair. You can also follow them on Twitter

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