Keep That Vehicle Running Smoothly with Reliable Auto Services in Allentown, PA

by | May 15, 2020 | Automotive

An automobile is a major investment for most people, and protecting that investment often requires a lot of time and effort. For instance, every vehicle needs regular maintenance to reduce the chance of unexpected failures. Reliable auto services in Allentown, PA can help by inspecting any components that are prone to wear, such as belts and hoses. Another important task is changing the engine’s oil and filter to prevent internal engine wear, and dirty oil does not provide proper protection. Other maintenance tasks include checking brake fluid and coolant levels.

There are many reasons that a vehicle may break down, but some common ones include a faulty alternator, worn water pump or a break in the cooling system. Alternator repairs will vary between vehicles, and replacing a worn alternator often requires the removal of various other components. There may be other issues as well if the engine uses a serpentine belt that operates all the external systems. Attempting to handle the job without the necessary skills can make the task very difficult. Water pump repairs are often difficult jobs because the pump is usually mounted on the engine. Damage to the cooling system could be a broken hose or a rupture in the radiator.

One of the most important auto services in Allentown, PA is brake repair. Faulty brakes can be a serious hazard because the driver can lose control of the vehicle or fail to stop in time. There are two types of brakes. The first is the disc brake, which is common on newer model vehicles. The second is the drum brake that was used on older vehicles and on the rear axle of many recent automobiles. Disc brakes function by pressing a set of pads against the wheel rotor. Drum brakes use a pair of shoes the push against the drum.

The actual braking action is the result of friction, but the very thing that allows the vehicle to stop is what causes the brakes to wear down. Brake repair usually requires machining the rotor or drum. This smooths the braking surface and reduces uneven wear on the replacement brakes. If the surface is too thin or damaged, then the mechanic will need to replace it. Learn more about vehicle maintenance and repairs from the experts at Business Name.

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