Keeping a Car Running Much Longer Than Average With the Help of Automotive Repair Shops in Tempe AZ

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Automotive

It may not be possible to keep a car running forever, but it certainly is possible to keep it going for 200,000 or even 300,000 miles. Routine maintenance and prompt attention to problems that develop are two essential keys. Automotive Repair Shops in Tempe AZ help vehicle owners with the goal of driving their beloved automobiles for many years beyond the average.

Average Lifespan

Consumer Reports says the average lifespan of today’s passenger cars is about eight years and 150,000 miles. That’s a nationwide report, though. Residents of the Phoenix area have the advantage of not driving their car through road salt all winter long. They also don’t have salt spray from an ocean coastline. Road salt and ocean salt cause some amount of rust no matter how vigilant the owner is about washing the vehicle.

Oil Changes and Coolant Flushes

Having the oil changed as recommended and other fluids topped off is one of the top recommendations by automotive mechanics. The same is true for the engine coolant, although that can be done less often. Both engine oil and coolant circulate and become dirty over time. Since an adequate amount of clean oil is crucial for lubricating the engine’s components, this need for maintenance should not be ignored. After many years, mechanics with a service garage like Dynamic Imports may need to repair or replace engine components such as fuel injectors.

Automatic Transmission

Being kind to the automatic transmission will keep that expensive piece of equipment operating smoothly for 200,000 or more miles. For example, the car should be completely stopped before moving the gearshift to reverse. The car should also be completely stopped after backing up before the driver starts heading forward again.

Brake System

Ignoring noises from brakes and reduced braking power can lead to disaster. Accidents can be caused by failed braking systems and the body damage may be too much to repair. To prevent this, bringing the vehicle to one of the Automotive Repair Shops in Tempe AZ when the components start making unusual sounds is advisable. If the pedal pulsates or is softer than it used to be, braking power has diminished significantly.

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