Keeping Your Car Maintained

If you want your vehicle to last for any length of time after you purchase it, then you need to have it regularly maintained. When you get a tune up a New Jersey company offers, you’re going to receive preventive care that can extend the life of your motor and other components of your vehicle. Most of the time, a tune up is scheduled for once a year.

During the process, some of the components of your car will be replaced with new parts or fluids. These components are usually those that wear and tear easier than others, such as the spark plugs. Not maintaining these parts during a tune up a New Jersey mechanic can perform can result in a decrease in the overall performance of the vehicle. It can also result in some of these components breaking and leading to other parts being damaged, which could mean spending more money.

One of the things that will likely be replaced is the air filter. This helps to keep the air flowing through your vehicle properly so that your vehicle doesn’t have too much fuel going to the motor. You’ll likely see a decrease in your fuel mileage if your air filter isn’t regularly changed as well as lags when accelerating.

Your spark plugs will usually be examined and either cleaned or replaced depending on their condition. If you have an older car, then the distributor cap could be replaced. Other components that you might want to have replaced or at least checked during a tune up include the fuel filter, battery, alternator, sensors, and your brake pads. if you notice any odd noises or any lights illuminate on the dashboard, then you might want to visit a mechanic sooner than when it’s time for a tune up for your car.

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