Land Rover Defender Features That Make It A Great Buy

If you are thinking about purchasing a new everyday vehicle, you should consider the Land Rover Defender in Philadelphia and elsewhere. Learn about some of the Land Rover Defender features that make it a great buy for many below.

Great Blend of Off-Road Capability and Comfort

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are not always known for being luxurious and comfortable, but the Land Rover Defender blends both quite well. That is because the Defender can travel over virtually any terrain, no matter how tough it is, while still providing great control and steering precision. It also provides a very smooth transmission.

That smooth transition is part of the reason why it is also comfortable, as your passengers will not feel the bumps and shocks of going over such bumpy terrain. In addition, the Defender provides a quiet cabin and interior, plus has many luxurious features such as a wide range of seat adjustments in terms of ventilation and heating, as well as detailed climate control dials.


The vast space within the Defender also adds to the comfort level, as passengers will have plenty of room to stretch out their legs and shoulders. There is also a spacious second row for more passengers to experience the comfort and space of the Defender.

That roomy spaciousness also enables the Defender to be a great transport vehicle as well. If you regularly haul equipment from one destination or practice to another, the Defender can serve you quite well, as it can fit virtually any type of imaginable equipment with ease.

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