Learn About Two Types of Car Paint Before a Paint Job in Jefferson City

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Automotive

If you’re hunting for an automotive repair shop in Jefferson City, MO, to paint your car, you should be aware that there are two types of paint. Of course, the automotive shop knows this. However, it never hurts to be informed. Here are the two types.

Solvent-based paint has been under a lot of scrutiny lately because it emits a high amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Despite this environmental problem, solvent-based paint is still used in some situations. It’s less expensive and sticks better in high-humidity areas.

Many manufacturers are pulling away from this type of paint because the situation of VOCs is so serious. Not only does the government enforce hefty fines for companies that produce more VOCs than allowed, but long-term exposure to VOCs can be dangerous for their employees.

Water-based paint is the new, improved kid on the block. When water-based paints hit the market, they weren’t great. This paint didn’t stick as well as solvent-based paint. However, as advancements occurred in the manufacturing process, water-based paints have dramatically improved and is now a strong competitor against solvent-based paints. This paint is still not suitable for high-humidity environments, but it can be a success everywhere else. More importantly, it emits only 10 percent of the VOCs that solvent-based paint does. Click here for more details about the best automotive repair shop in Jefferson City, MO.

When you go to an automotive repair shop in Jefferson City, MO, they’ll likely have a huge selection of water-based paints. Dents Unlimited is a leader in automotive painting and can provide you with great selections of both paints. Find out more at the website

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