Make Your Vehicle Stand Out With New Charger Wheels

The Dodge Charger is one of those classic American muscle cars that seems to stand the test of time. While the body style and certainly the interior has changed over the years, the change hasn’t been as dramatic as some of the evolutions of the muscle cars.

With the new models of Chargers, or with a classic you are rebuilding, getting just the right Charger wheels to give that final look you want is critical. This is certainly not the vehicle you want to put any aftermarket rims on, and there needs to be a careful selection process to avoid wheels that look too open or wheels that look too heavy for the car.

Sizing Up

While you may want to go slightly larger or staggered with your new upgrades of wheels for the Charger, you don’t want to go with the really oversized look. This tends to create a chunky or heavy look to the car that doesn’t match the racy, sleek and fast profile that is so associated with this and other styles of muscle cars.

Sizing up slightly with both Charger wheels and tires does have its benefits. It will provide additional traction and better acceleration, even with just a slightly wider and larger tire. Additionally, cornering is better with slightly larger wheels and tires, particularly if you choose a staggered option.

There is not a lot of extra room in the wheel well on the Charger, so the upsizing potential is limited. Additionally, keep in mind that too large of a tire can actually negatively impact performance and cost you at the gas pump. Going wider doesn’t have this same effect if you keep it to no more than one size.

Add Design

The OEM Charger wheels are really not anything special, but with the various styles of new aftermarket rims, you will find a range of different spoke designs, finishes and options.

You can choose to stay with the chrome or silver look, which is the most traditional option and one that adds a lot of flash to the car. Another option is to go with a black matte or gloss finish with finer spokes, which creates a subtle look to the vehicle that makes it look more streamlined, particularly with low profile types of tires.

Of course, you can also choose a colored wheel that can be customized to match your Charger paint and accent colors. This is a very modern look in a classic car and one that will certainly make your Charger stand out at a show or on the road.

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