On-Board Computers are Changing the Face of Vehicle Service in Buffalo Grove, IL

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Automotive

Since cars were first fitted with electronic fuel injection back in the 1980s, computers have become an important part of Vehicle Service in Buffalo Grove IL. Technological advances have taken on-board computers from simply-made electronic controllers to complex systems. Here, drivers can learn how a car’s computer system can affect its function.

Automotive Computers are Fully Integrated

The computer in a car is a network of modules and sensors that allow for seamless integration throughout the vehicle. Depending on the type of vehicle, anything from an in-dash entertainment system to ignition control can be handled by a computer. That’s only the start, though. Tech giant Google has been tinkering with self-driving cars, and recent software updates for Tesla vehicles also includes auto-drive functionality.

Full Connectivity Leads to Vulnerability

Many of today’s cars have connectivity systems built in. Bluetooth-enabled audio systems allow drivers to use mobile devices completely hands-free, and some cars can even be used as WiFi hotspots. As great as these features are, they can be exploited. Security experts have found methods to use wireless integration to hack into vehicles’ computer systems. Manufacturers typically work quickly to close security gaps, but the fact that they exist can be seen as a taste of what’s coming.

Software Can be Buggy

Cars with complex computer systems can have millions of pieces of code. Like software for home PCs, glitches can exist within those lines. Core computer systems are tested at the factory, but undetected bugs can be major. When this happens, automakers issue recalls to perform software updates and fix issues.

Unethical Companies Game the System

One of the software’s biggest weaknesses lies with the automakers themselves. Corporate policy can cause substantial software issues. For instance, a testing protocol that isn’t rigorous enough can bring about bugs that require a vehicle recall. Other problems are more dishonest. Take, for example, the 2015 discovery that Volkswagen had manipulated software to achieve false results during emissions testing. That discovery led the CEO to resign, and it led to a recall of over 10 million automobiles.

Like software in a PC or laptop, a car’s computer systems can be hacked or come from the factory with issues that require drivers to visit us for Vehicle Service in Buffalo Grove IL. With that said, technological advances are making cars more comfortable and safer to drive. As long as automakers continue to work on these weaknesses, the benefits outweigh the risks. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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