An Overview of Windshield Glass Repair for Small Chips to Prevent Cracks

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Auto Glass Shop

Windshield Glass Repair can only be done to prevent a chip from turning into a crack or to stop a very small crack from spreading. Once a big crack has developed, the glass must be replaced. That’s imperative if the flaw disrupts the driver’s visibility, but also important because a cracked windshield isn’t as strong as one without this flaw. In some cases, the pit actually is in the line of sight of the driver and can be distracting enough to justify replacing the entire windshield.

Common Incidents

Technicians who provide Windshield Glass Repair know that chips most commonly happen because of stones being tossed into the air during road construction activity. Dump trucks also might lose a bit of debris while traveling along the highway, and heavy equipment being hauled on flatbed trailers also can release bits of gravel and rock. Those airborne particles are like little missiles, chipping glass when they hit.

Cracks Instead of Chips

Other types of incidents tend to cause cracks instead of chips because the object is larger and doesn’t have sharp edges like stones sometimes do. A golf ball or baseball that is hit with a club or bat travels at high speed and can easily smash a windshield.

How It Works

The repair work of filling the small ding must be done promptly or a crack most certainly will develop. The workers inject a special kind of liquid plastic into the area, after which it must cure and dry for at least an hour. Drivers may be advised to avoid traveling at highway speeds for up to 12 hours so the curing and drying process is thorough and the repair is strong. The plastic functions like a solidified glue.

Mobile Service

Technicians from a company like Auto Glass Factory provide mobile service, which is particularly convenient for allowing the vehicle to sit for several hours while the polymer cures. They can complete the project at a customer’s residence or workplace as long there is enough space on either side to work. The weather must be dry or the vehicle must be parked out of the rain. See for more information. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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