Purchase A Quality Vehicle At Your Local Ford Dealerships In Knoxville, TN

Ford Motor Company, also known as just Ford, is an American car company that is located in the Michigan suburb of Dearborn, not far from Detroit. The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and manufactures and sells automobiles and commercial vehicles. As of 2010, Ford was the second largest automobile manufacturer in the United States and the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world.

The top selling Ford vehicles of all time include the Ford F-Series trucks, which have been manufactured since 1948 and are still being manufactured today. The Ford F-Series trucks are very popular vehicles. The Ford Escort is the second top selling Ford with production dates from 1968-2003. Ford Escorts are no longer being produced. The Ford Fiesta is the third bestselling vehicle for Ford. Production of the Ford Fiesta began in 1976 and production continues today.

Your Ford Dealerships Knoxville, TN area can help you find the vehicle that you are looking for. You can visit in person and visit their showroom of new vehicles or you can look into pre-owned vehicles. If you are looking for a coupe, hatchback, sedan, SUV, truck or van, your local dealership will have something for you.

If you are using the Internet, you can visit the Ford dealership’s virtual showroom. You can get more information about each vehicle that is available and compare prices or gas mileage. Stock numbers will be listed for each vehicle as well as exterior and interior colors and the year the vehicle was made. Do you want to see a color photograph of the vehicle? That is available on your Ford Dealerships Knoxville, TN website too.

Financing is available for new or used cars. Bad credit or no credit financing may be available as well as a first-time buyer program. Stop in at one of your Ford Dealerships Knoxville, TN area and fill out a credit application. You may be able to take advantage of financing deals for vehicles such as the Ford Mustang or the F-150. Whether you are looking for a new or used made in America Ford vehicle, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality automobile at your Ford Dealerships Knoxville, TN.

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