Quality Collision and Auto Repair in Omaha, NE

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Automotive

Owning a vehicle means performing routine care and maintenance to keep it running at optimum performance. However, there may be times when a person will experience damages that require Auto Repair in Omaha NE that includes collision repair to fix damages caused by an accident. Collision repair differs from auto repair as it consists of working on a vehicle’s body, as opposed to the active components. Vehicles involved in minor accidents or that have been vandalized will need a facility that can repair the damaged areas to manufacturer specifications. These repairs are performed by licensed mechanics who specialize in auto body repair and are trained by some vehicle manufacturers to complete the correct repairs.

Auto body repairs can be minor fixes or require replacement of larger parts of the vehicle’s body. Small dents and scratches can be buffed out and repainted while larger areas of damage or cracked bumpers may need completely replaced. A trained auto body technician can determine the best way to service the vehicle and make the necessary recommendations for complete repair. Customers who are filing insurance claims for the repairs can also be guided to a preferred facility to perform the necessary repairs. These collision repair shops work with the insurance company to file the claim paperwork and get customers a replacement vehicle while their automobile is being fixed. Going with a preferred auto body repair center means a customer is getting quality repairs that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. Customers who drive foreign brands can also find shops that specialize in European vehicle repairs and get the correct parts for their make and model. A qualified auto body repair facility will only use the recommended parts for repairs and guarantee their work, in some cases as long as a customer owns the vehicle.

Finding a reputable Auto Repair in Omaha NE providing quality auto body repair is easy to do. Dingman’s Collision Center offers four convenient locations to help the customer get the repairs they need to get back on the road. They work with insurance companies to file claims for repairs and can assist in getting loaner vehicles while the repairs are performed. They offer free estimates for all repairs and their trained technicians perform all repairs to meet manufacturer’s specifications. Visit one of their facilities today to see how they can correct vehicle damage with guaranteed repairs.

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