Ram Dealers in Deming, NM Share Basic Fall Driving Safety Tips

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Autos

Fall is an exciting time for travelers as temperatures across the country are now more bearable. You can roll down your car windows without letting the cabin become uncomfortably hot. You can even make a quick stop in the middle of the wilderness uncovered without your vehicle turning into an oven. But fall also presents some road hazards motorists like you should watch out for. Ram dealers in Deming, NM have a few driving safety tips you might find helpful.

Expect morning and afternoon fog

As temperatures start to drop, there’s less warm air to carry water vapor to the sky. As a result, water vapor condenses quickly and turns into fog while still close to the ground. Fog reduces road visibility, which is hazardous to drivers, especially when it’s thick. Statistics show around 38,000 traffic collisions occur annually in the US due to fog. To avoid accidents, turn on your low beam and direct it on the road ahead.

Icy rain will keep roads damp

Unlike summer rain, which evaporates within minutes due to the heat, fall rain takes a while to clear out. This leaves roads damp and slippery. Sometimes, temperatures can drop to winter levels, freezing moisture on the road and making it even more slippery. You must ensure your tires have enough tread to maintain a grip on the road’s surface. Ram dealers in Deming, NM suggest rotating the tires to maximize their tread.

It gets dark very fast

Days will grow shorter in the fall, but people’s daily activities will barely change. You will still see children playing outside or riding bicycles even after sundown. Unfortunately, this also means you’ll be going home from work on a dark road where these children might be crossing. Just be careful when driving through residential neighborhoods to avoid accidents.

Most roads will be covered with leaves

You might not experience this in Deming, but should you travel north during fall, you might drive through icy, leaf-covered roads. If you do, it’s essential to be extra cautious because leaves can conceal hazards like potholes and small wildlife. If these leaves get blown off, they might even obscure your view of the road, which can be dangerous if there’s another vehicle in front of you. It is best to keep a considerable distance from the vehicle ahead.

Get ready for the sun’s increased glare

While it may seem counterintuitive, sunlight is brighter during fall and winter than in summer. This is because the sun is much closer to the horizon instead of staying high up during summer. In this position, sunlight is reflected to space at almost 180 degrees, almost at the windshield’s level. The glare can affect your vision, so you might want to consider wearing sunglasses when you drive.

It pays to be a cautious driver. Anticipating potential issues and preparing for them is better than acting on them as they happen. The best way to get your vehicle ready for fall hazards is to give it a service. Maintenance often reveals issues that might worsen and surprise you when you least expect it. Check out Viva CDJRF for more helpful tips.

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