Red Flags The Car Needs Suspension Repairs in Hickory Hills

No matter how nice a car is when it is purchased, it will eventually need repairs of some sort. One of the most common, albeit frustrating, types of repair concerns the suspension of the vehicle. If one is unsure if the problem or problems they are experiencing are in this area, here are some warning signs the vehicle may need Suspension Repairs in Hickory Hills

Rough Rider

If the car has lost the smooth ride it once had, consider this a red flag. When the moment comes when it seems that every bump in the road can be felt, it is time to bring the vehicle in for repairs.


When turning the vehicle, it may seem like the car is pulling or drifting. This is an indication the suspension is malfunctioning and will be in need of Suspension Repairs in Hickory Hills very soon.

Dipping When Stopping

When braking the vehicle in preparation for a complete stop, the driver may notice the vehicle dipping or “nose-diving” during the process. This is another clear indicator the suspension is in need of repair. When this particular problem occurs, it actually may prevent the vehicle from stopping safely. Bring the car to the shop as soon as possible.

Check The Treads

If there is uneven tread wear or bald spots on the tires, these are signs the suspension system of the vehicle is not functioning properly. The wear that is noticed comes from uneven amounts of pressure being placed on the tires, making it unsafe to drive.

More Bounce Per Ounce

If one feels their suspension is in need of repair, but they are not quite sure, there is a simple test that can be performed. The driver just places all of their body’s weight on the front of the vehicle and bounces the car. Then, do the same on the back of the car. If the car is still moving after two or three bounces, it is time to get it repaired.

When the vehicle owner finally decides to bring the vehicle in for repair, bring it to Wilrae Inc for the best service. An honest shop will make the repair process go smoothly.

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