Repairing a Relatively Minor Transmission Problem in Centerville, OH

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Automobile maintenance‎

When an automotive transmission shows signs of problems, vehicle owners understandably feel very anxious. They know that a failing transmission is expensive to repair or replace. In many instances, transmission repair service in Centerville, OH, is able to fix a relatively minor problem for an affordable price.

Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid leaks should not be ignored. The vehicle owner may see the telltale red fluid drops on the garage floor or driveway, or the problem may be detected during a routine oil change. It’s possible that technicians providing transmission repair service in Centerville, OH, can end the leak by replacing a hose or gasket. Continuing to drive the vehicle without repair work risks the fluid level becoming low enough to damage the equipment.

Shifting Hesitation and Failure

A vehicle that hesitates when put into drive or reverse could have a large problem or a small one. In some cases, the fluid has degraded and has become too thick. Service technicians will likely recommend a transmission flush so fresh new fluid can be added. A related problem is a transmission that will not shift beyond first or second gear. Sometimes replacing an inexpensive component is all the technician needs to do.

Concluding Thoughts

Even when a symptom is small, the owner of the automobile should not ignore the issue. Small signs of transmission trouble can lead to large expenses if the problem is not addressed quickly. Diagnostic and repair work for this equipment is provided by the skilled automotive technicians at Centerville Service Center.

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