The Signs You Need Truck Repair Service in York, PA

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Auto Repair

About eighty percent of all goods consumed in the United States are on a truck at some point. Such a statistic means that the trucking industry remains the backbone of the United States economy. It is also the backbone of many different households. If you are a truck driver, you rely on your truck to keep your family secure. Having such security means that you need to maintain your truck in the best manner possible. You need to have a good truck repair service at your disposal. You need to use it as soon as you sense there might be a problem.

Steering Wheel Shake

If you are driving and you feel a shimmy in the steering wheel, it could just be that you’re on an uneven road. However, if it continues for a long period of time, it’s likely a problem with your truck. Such an issue is definitely the case if your tractor/trailer is shaking as well. That is a sign that your tires are not true. A good truck repair service in York, PA will true your tires for you.

They will put your tires on a wheel and slowly spin them to shave off irregular spots on your tires. Having that kind of service done will reduce or even eliminate the shaking. You should contact Sindall Truck Service if you have any shaking in your tires.

Trailer Drift

If your cab or tractor is drifting, it could be that they’re not aligned properly. That’s a very common truck repair service. The mechanics will remove your tires and balance them using weights that are installed in the wheels. Changing the weights in the wheels will keep them balanced as you are driving, which will help you stay straight on the road with less trouble.

These are just two of the most common truck repairs that a driver might find themselves in need of. There are many other problems that you should watch out for.

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