Signs it’s Time to Get to an Automobile Service Center in Manhattan, KS

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Automotive

Most people have had car trouble in the past. The only good part about this is that most vehicles don’t just stop working all of a sudden. They typically provide several warning signs the driver needs to enlist the services of an automobile service center in Manhattan KS. Getting to know and being able to identify these warning signs is key to keeping a vehicle in good, drivable condition.

The Engine Warning Light Appears in the Dash

The majority of modern cars will let a driver know when a vehicle needs service. If the yellow “check engine” light comes on in the dashboard, it is important to get to an Automobile Service Center in Manhattan KS as soon as possible. There are an array of engine issues that the light may be on for.

Some cars also have a light that comes on when it is time for regular service. While this is usually a small light that is usually in the shape of a wrench, it should not be ignored too long.

Strange Sounds

Any loud or new sounds coming from a vehicle need to be evaluated before they have the opportunity to develop into a serious issue. Some of the most common sounds a vehicle makes and what they may mean are listed here.

1. Whining under the hood: This usually comes from a loose belt, which may cause overheating or battery issues.

2. Loud exhaust sounds: This may result from a crack or hole in the exhaust.

3. Uneven engine sounds: This is heard when the vehicle is idling and may mean the engine has started to misfire.

4. Metal on metal: Any type of scraping sound coming from the vehicle should be inspected.

5. Squealing sounds when the brakes are used: This may indicate worn out brake pads.

It is never a good idea to ignore an issue with a vehicle. As time passes, the issue is only going to progress, taking more effort and more money to repair. Being informed can help ensure a vehicle remains working properly.

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