Signs You Have a Problem With Your Transmission in Mesa

Aside from the engine, the transmission is the most expensive unit in a vehicle. When a transmission begins to go bad, owners often dread the bill that will follow for repairs. It is important for vehicle owners to be proactive and properly care for their transmission so they can avoid repair issues. When signs of problems begin to arise, prompt repairs can often help prevent further damage and expenses. This information will allow people to learn the signs of problems with their transmission in Mesa.

When these signs are present, a vehicle needs to be brought in for an inspection and repairs:

* Strange noises are one of the first noticeable signs when a transmission is going bad. When the gears are changing, the transmission may make whining, clunking, or grinding noises. It is important a vehicle is not driven while making these noises or a larger degree of damage could be done.

* When a vehicle begins to hesitate when changing gears, this means the transmission is not responding properly. This will often happen when a car is put in gear from park to drive but can also happen while driving. If it happens while driving, this is called a transmission slip and can cause the vehicle to stall.

* It is very easy to tell when a transmission is leaking because the fluid is bright red or pinkish in color. If one sees pooling transmission fluid under their car or smells a sweet and burning smell, their transmission needs to be checked immediately. Driving with a low amount of transmission fluid can destroy the transmission and cause the need for a full replacement.

* If the vehicle begins to shake violently when changing gears, this can be a major sign of problems and likely means one of the gears has gone bad in the transmission. Prompt repair could help to avoid further problems which will lead to a larger repair bill.

If your vehicle is exhibiting any of these signs, now is the time to have it repaired. An expert transmission repair shop can take care of all of your repairs for your Transmission in Mesa. For more information on transmission repair, Contact Business Name.

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