The Convenience of Insurance Covering Auto Roadside Assistance in San Diego

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Automotive

Auto Roadside Assistance in San Diego is covered by various insurance companies, and the coverage can be purchased separately from a provider specializing in this type of insurance. After being contacted by the policyholder, the company takes responsibility for dispatching a tow truck or another type of assistance to the scene, depending on the circumstances.

Mobile Apps

New features in the coverage for Auto Roadside Assistance in San Diego are appreciated by many customers. For example, mobile apps now allow some customers to get assistance this way rather than having to call the insurer and wait for a representative to answer. The app uses the policyholder’s GPS to determine where the vehicle is located.

Examples of Problems

Needing roadside assistance doesn’t always mean a vehicle has been in a collision or has broken down on the highway. Sometimes the car’s battery has died because the headlights were inadvertently left on. A flat tire may have occurred while the vehicle was in a parking lot. Mechanics can fix these problems without towing. A more serious problem may have occurred that does require towing, such as the starter no longer working. The insurer also can send a locksmith if the policyholder has been locked out of the car.

Vehicle Delivery

If the vehicle does have to be towed, the customer can have it brought to the garage that sent the tow truck. The customer also can have it delivered to a different shop if he or she normally has the vehicle served there. The tow truck driver also can deliver it to the person’s home.

24-Hour Service

People may need this assistance at any time of day, any day of the week. The insurers look for companies that will respond promptly and are not limited to normal business hours. Nobody wants to be stranded at night with a vehicle that won’t start.

Companies like USA Towing & Recovery are affiliated with Auto Club of Southern California as well as with AAA. People who need roadside assistance in the San Diego region are likely to see a worker from this company arriving as they anxiously await help. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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