The Legalities of Car Window Tinting in Corona CA

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Automotive

While window tinting is certainly a convenience in the sunny climate of California, there are legal limits to how dark the window tinting on your vehicle may be. So just exactly how dark is considered too dark for car window tinting? Generally, the front side windows must be of a lighter shade than the rest of the vehicle. This is not only for the driver and passenger safety, but also safety for police officers in the event a vehicle is stopped for some reason.

The legal amount of tinting of a car window is generally measured by its light transmittance (LT) which is the amount of light that is able to pass through the tint on the window. Car Window Tinting in Corona CA follows strict Federal guidelines that apply to window tinting. Federal regulations require automobile makers to ensure that virtually every car’s windows have a threshold of light transmittance of 70 percent LT.

However, some car owners still try to get around these laws by ordering after-market tint which that is higher than 70 percent LT, which is where state laws come in. California state law prohibits front window tinting which is 70 percent LT or less, which complies with the federal standard. Back windows, on the other hand, may be tinted darker or even completely blacked out to external light. Since regulations vary from state to state as how dark tint may be, such as in Texas where the thresholds are extremely low, it is best to follow Federal guidelines if you are planning on traveling between states on a frequent basis. This will allow you to travel unhindered by the legal enforcement of local laws. There may be certain cases where drivers have a legitimate medical need that requires them to use a tint that is darker than normally allowed by law. In instances such as these, they will have to apply for special permits to statements from their doctor or ophthalmologist to the local DMV.

If you have any other questions concerning Car Window Tinting in Corona CA, please contact a qualified lawyer, such as The Law Office of Corbin T. Volluz, for more information.

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