The Three Most Commonly Replaced Auto Body Parts in Columbia MO

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Automotive

Even careful drivers sometimes end up in accidents. A moment of inattention on anyone’s part is all that it takes to leave two or more cars with visible, lingering signs of the lapse. Providers of Auto Body Parts in Columbia MO like Dents Unlimited make it simple for those with the required skills to address such issues and related ones.

Cosmetic Damage or Not, Repairs Are Always Welcome

Some drivers are comfortable with allowing a minor scratch or a small enough dent to remain without attention. When any considerable amount of damage has been done, though, a fix will typically be in order. Some of the Auto Body Parts in Columbia MO that are most commonly needed when entire components must be replaced include:


Designed more or less specifically to absorb the brunt of many collisions, bumpers do this job often. Collisions at more than couple of miles per hour will often leave the bumpers of one or both vehicles in need of outright replacement. Fortunately, most bumpers are fairly easy to switch out, once a suitable new one has been obtained.


The wheels located at the four corners of passenger vehicles are normally protected by body parts called fenders. Just like bumpers, these sections of bodywork frequently end up suffering in accidents. Being so exposed to the outside world and also often featuring bulges or arches, they can crumple when subjected to even a little bit of force. Once again, fender panels can typically be replaced fairly easily, as long as a suitable part is available.


The broad, flat surface that covers the engine of most cars and trucks might seem to be less vulnerable than others to harm. While it will not so often suffer a direct hit, a vehicle’s hood can nonetheless be easily damaged. Whether after being struck by flying debris or crumpling when a front end caves in, though, a hood will normally be one of the easiest body parts of all to replace.

Parts Suppliers Are Ready to Help

For auto body repair jobs like these and many others, suppliers in the area are standing by with all the parts that might be needed. From major body components like these to the sundry supplies needed to complete each job, lacking access should never be an issue.

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