Things to Know About Auto Exhaust Repair in Mesa

When a vehicle owner needs auto exhaust repair in Mesa, trying to decide which garage to bring the car to can be confusing. So many garages offer this type of service and some seem to specialize in a few specific kinds of repair and replacement work. Sometimes the services offered are categorized in ways that can be bewildering to the average consumer, but there are reasons mechanics view their work this way.

Categorizing Repair Work

For instance, a full-service garage might group auto exhaust repair in Mesa with brake repairs. That’s a relatively common grouping. Both types of service require the vehicle to be up on a hoist as opposed to the mechanic mainly doing work under the hood. Exhaust system repair usually requires replacement of a specific part, most commonly the muffler and tailpipe combination component.

Discovering Problems

Mechanics can inspect the exhaust system whenever the vehicle has to be up on a lift for any reason. However, the vehicle owner normally realizes the system has a problem when it starts to get noisy with a rumbling sound that gets progressively louder over time. A muffler, as can be expected from the name of this component, is intended to dampen the sound from an internal combustion engine’s exhaust. Without a muffler, vehicles are very noisy.

Sometimes another symptom with the exhaust indicates a problem elsewhere in the vehicle. For example, the owner may notice an odor of gasoline coming from the tailpipe. In some cases, liquid gas drips from the tailpipe. This is a dangerous situation and should be addressed immediately. The cause is excess fuel in the gasoline and air mixture. A fuel injector may be leaking or the fuel regulator might be stuck in the closed position. Other problems also can cause this to happen.

Local Regulations

Mesa, like most municipalities, has laws requiring passenger vehicles to have mufflers that are in good condition to minimize noise. The regulation says the vehicle cannot be producing excessive or unusual noise. What that means exactly will be up to the police officer who issues a warning citation. Anyone having exhaust system problems may schedule an appointment at the earliest convenience.

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