Three Types of Repair For Auto Body in Rockville MD

Whether it be a collision with another vehicle or a shopping cart, damage can be done to an auto body that mars its appearance. In some cases, the body is so damaged, driving becomes hindered. Depending on the reason for the damage, an owner’s insurance policy may cover the repairs so the body can be made new again. With the right repair services for Auto Body Rockville MD, no one will be able to tell there was ever damage done to the vehicle.

There are three main types of auto body repairs:

  • Paintless dent repair was first introduced in the 1930s and has become increasingly popular over the years. If damage has occurred to the body but the paint job has not been damaged, this form of repair can allow a vehicle’s dents to be removed without major bodywork needing to be undertaken. This form of repair works best on rounded dents and can typically only be performed on newer vehicles because the paint and metal are more malleable. Paintless dent repair can have a vehicle looking like new again, in a fraction of the time of other methods.
  • When auto body damage is severe and the paint job has been compromised, more invasive repairs will be needed for Auto Body Rockville MD. Body filler is a material that is made from polyester, talc, and resin. It is applied in layers to the dent and carefully smoothed. Once it completely hardens, the areas that were bonded are sanded and then a new paint job is applied so the vehicle looks as if it has never been damaged. This repair procedure can be used on older and newer cars to take care of large or small dents that have created paint damage.
  • Should damage occur to the front or rear bumper of a vehicle, replacements can be installed. If a bumper crumples or knocks loose from the vehicle, it will likely not be able to be repaired without replacement. An auto body shop can order a bumper replacement for the specific make and model of the vehicle and then it can be painted to blend in perfectly with the rest of the vehicle for a seamless repair.

If your auto body is in need of repair, contact Eurowerks today. They will provide you with the expert auto body repair services your vehicle is in need of so it can look new again.

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